Our firm

                 is a recruitment consultancy firm that aims to shake up with previously established methods.


Indeed, we wish to put only experts with significant and operational experience in financial services at the disposal of our clients, such as our founding partner; who is a fully-qualified actuary with a significant professional experience acquired from working in both actuarial consultancy firm and insurance company.​



Amine Drissi Boutaybi

Fully-Qualified Actuary

Whether you are a candidate or a recruiter, you will be assisted by someone who speaks your language and who perfectly understands your projects and ambitions.

Our motto is to put in contact talents who share the same values and vision. Beyond the professional skills and expertise, we are convinced that recruitment is a truly human matter.

Arc Vermeil has established many partnerships with prestigious international institutions in the financial services.

Everyday, our clients express their satisfaction with the quality of the service we provide as regarding placement assignments and the entrusted tasks. Our renewal rate is 100%. We have became partners of choice for our clients, not only for the services we provide, but also concerning recruitment strategy choices.